Monday, August 31, 2009

Katherine's New Chandelier

I'm so excited to share this one with you because it actually turned out! I purchased this brass fixture from a thrift store last month for $19.99. It's larger than I really needed but they're hard to come by.
This time I used a primer in gray before I started with my color. In the past I have not had a lot of success with spray paint because I'm exceedingly impatient. I get carried away and over spray or don't prime and the project doesn't work out. But this time I'm pleased that I took a little bit more time and did it right. It actually didn't look that bad with just the primer!

Katherine and I both love the color blue and this one turned out so cheerful! It came from Wal-mart called Blue Ocean Breeze in gloss by Krylon.

I purchased these beads from Hobby Lobby and Michael's on sale. They were still a bit expensive but aren't they beautiful?! I spent a good amount of time trying to attach these with clear line and it just looked amateurish. The loops although they had the same amount of beads would not be made even. I must find another way. Got any ideas?

Friday, August 28, 2009

Consignment Sale Changes

I received two emails this week about some changes in the upcoming consignment sales. CCE's location is now going to be held in the old McLendon Furniture building, 2505 Eastern Blvd. This is the first sale of the season starting on Sept. 9th! I got a sneak peek inside of the new location this afternoon dropping off my items. It is much larger and doesn't smell like mothballs, but the lighting is not the best.

Here's a photo of what I consigned today. All 130 items. I'm getting rid of the larger baby items that we're done with. They lasted through my two babies. Just for the record I'm not saying we won't have another one but it might be a while. I did get a little sad today when I was hanging Charlie's newborn clothes at the sale.
Another sale change was the edition of a 70% off day with Mom's Marketplace. This is very exciting! I love a deep discount! I have added these changes on the complete consignment sale list on an earlier post if you'd like to print it.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Couponing-A Whole New World

I've been reading a lot about slashing your weekly grocery bill in half using coupons. My friend Cindy inspired this new habit/addiction. Her eyes sparkled with sheer happiness when she talked about how much money they've been able to save in the past year. After my research I can see why she was so passionate about her prized coupon notebook.

After reading several different sites (Southern Savers, To Save A Penny, Bargain Brianna) I started my own notebook of coupons. Bargain Brianna has a complete tutorial for you here. My first step was to gather all the coupons I had around the house. Here's what I ended up with, (see above). They were everywhere; in my purse, in the car, in the kitchen, on my nightstand, on the bathroom counter. I never have them when I need them so they end up expired. Not anymore! I followed the wise instructions of Bargain Brianna and purchased a zippered notebook, dividers, a pencil pouch, and baseball card protector sheets. Here's my new best friend!
The two of us, notebook and me, saved $63.09 this week with the help of coupons and sale papers. We went everywhere together. And we received a free can of baby formula from Target. I had an $11 off manufacturer coupon and it was on clearance for $10.48, so it was free! You can see how shopping Target's clearance and combining a manufacturer's coupon and/or a printed Target coupon from the register can really save you some cash.
This is just the beginning, the more coupons I can gather the more I can save. Mom, if you're not going to use those valuable inserts from the paper, I'll take them!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Yard Sale Finds

Saturday's finds were good but few. My find of the day was an adorable pair of cowboy boots for $1.50! I now have a small collection patiently waiting for my little boy's feet.
I also snagged the tin bus lunch box which Katherine has played with ever since it came into the house. And a swing for Charlie, he giggled and kicked his chunky little legs with glee.
My pumpkins were a great buy as well, both sets for $2.00! I've already asked Chuck to venture into the attic this week and get all of our Fall decor down. He's so sweet not to complain when I bring home more seasonal junk.
I brought home a few more things but nothing exciting to chat about.
The "Most Annoying Seller of the Day" was awarded to a woman who had a great GeoTrax train set in her driveway but hadn't decided on a price although it was 9:00 already. Her husband tried selling it to me but she got huffy when he lowered the price and had to throw in how much they paid for it originally. We walked off, without the train.

Friday, August 21, 2009


The first time I heard about Etsy was on Martha Stewart's show. I can no longer tolerate her show due to her liberal views which she spouts liberally. Anyway, Etsy is a website where you can sell and purchase handmade items of all sorts. It's very easy to use and there are some really interesting things. I've made a few purchases this summer. I like to purchase gifts in advance so I can be more thoughtful and sometimes save money. This is one of my daughter's upcoming birthday presents:

It's a felted mouse that can pop out his cookie necklace home. I love it! This particular seller (Rosemary4Remembrance) had sold her original mouse necklace but made this one special for me just because I asked. She has some cute fall necklaces for sale right now.

Here is one for Charlie, a handmade wooden pull toy and wooden teether from The Wood Garden. The teether was not a big hit. He munches on it only when nothing else is available. The pull toy I'm saving for his 1st birthday.

I signed up to receive Etsy's daily email which contains items that you might not have seen before. I've seen a few things that I liked but unfortunately whomever selects these products gravitates toward the more "green" items. I could not believe my eyes when I saw these:

What are they? They're reusable panty liners, 3 for only $21.95! Here's the shop site if you need it, Pleat. I'm going to pass.
Have you purchased anything from Etsy?

Thursday, August 20, 2009

If You Wanna Laugh

I came across two funny websites last night. Chuck and I were both needing a good laugh and these delivered!
The first is called Craft Fail a site dedicated to those crafters who can laugh at themselves and their failed projects. One of my favorites was a woman with a self proclaimed "large head" so she made herself a hat:
And a knitted sweater for this woman's then boyfriend now husband. Probably because she didn't make him wear this number:

Chuck had to one up me by showing me this website There, I Fixed It. A site about how people have solved a problem all by themselves. The labels of the posts are part of the fun. Here a few goodies.

Trailers are for suckers:
Have fun looking these up!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Goosberry Patch

I discovered the Gooseberry Patch catalog company when I was a newlywed. Every Christmas since my husband has given me some wonderful gifts like nesting bowls, a cookie jar, a vintage reproduction pie plate, and several cook books. Every year I receive their pocket calendar to keep it in my purse. I need to see the entire month at a time to keep things in perspective and I like that each day has enough space to write a note, and it's incredibly cute. Somehow I have not yet spilled a coke on my current calendar.
Gooseberry Patch has sent me their newest cookbook Family Favorite Recipes, to try for free for 30 days. I'm such a sucker. We've tried 2 recipes so far. One was excellent, Country-Style Supper Skillet and the other Honeymoon Chicken and Biscuits which wasn't. I just loved the title of that one but it had a strange topping. Tomorrow I'm trying the Slow-Cooker Beef Stroganoff. Every time I try a recipe from one of my cookbooks I leave a note in the margin describing our experience. At first it was difficult to write in a book but it's been really helpful!
Here are a few of their current products I'm wishing for:
If I actually had these beautiful things I don't know that I could allow people to get food on them. But they're so cheerful!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin

The movie was wonderful! We loved the scenes of Julia and were a bit sorry when it switched to tell us the story of Julie. Julie turned out to be a bit of a whiner and the makeover I was expecting of her boyish and mousy colored hair never came. And she never once wore an attractive outfit. How did they manage to make the beautiful girl from Enchanted so bland?

But Meryl Streep as Julia could not have been better, we couldn't get enough. She was hilarious. Chuck was in the mood to try French food after seeing the movie so he looked up La Jolla the ritziest place to eat around here. Good thing he researched it before we went. You must be 18 to go in and dressed in business casual. I haven't worked in 6 years, I don't have any business casual. I'd have to wear a church dress. I think we'll save La Jolla for a special occasion.

Back to Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin, this is my favorite lotion from Bath and Body for Fall. The scent is described as "sweet and spicy scents of fall – apple, cranberry, cinnamon, pumpkin and clove." It really puts me in the mood for sweaters and boots. Mom and I had a scare a few years back when we were told that this particular scent was no longer going to be sold. I spent that entire winter hoarding the body soap from Chuck who also loves it. Turned out it was just a nasty rumor. If you're in the mood for Fall give this scent a try!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Julie and Julia

I've been waiting for this movie to come out for some time. Chuck and I went last Saturday but it ended in disaster. I noticed that all of the people in the theater were 20+ years older than the two of us. I had the thought that Chuck would have to put down his nachos to help some of the elderly to get to a seat safely once the lights went out. Our theater has tricky steps leading into the seats. You may think you are standing in the isle but you're really standing on a step.
You can guess what happened. An older lady on the opposite side of the theater fell and it appeared and sounded like she broke her nose and leg. Chuck ran down to help immediately and I called 911. It seemed to take forever for the paramedics to get there and the poor woman was moaning and crying. Things just got more painful and vocal once they arrived and had to move her. It was horrible and we felt so helpless. We left before they could figure out how to get her out of the isle. What a great talent the people in the medical field have to stay focused on their job and not get emotional. I never heard what happened to that poor woman.
Anyway we're going to go again tonight and I'm off to get on something sexy and cute. I just might put on my false eye lashes. I'll let you know if the movie is worth letting go of $50!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Family Photos by a Talented Friend

Do you remember the sideways sailboats and fishing tackle on my gallery wall? I was able to replace them with my new portraits! My friend from Capture the Moment took the most beautiful pictures of my Charlie and Katherine. Above is Charlie at 6 weeks old. His hair has since turned blonde, who'd have guessed that? The photo below of Katherine is my absolute favorite.
My two boys, so cute!
My hair looks unusually great in this one, I wonder if she "photo shoped" it.
I had to have this one, he didn't want to be in the basket! Thank you Messia, I'll be calling you again.

A Green Vegetable

One of my favorite shows is Top Chef on Bravo which starts a new season next Wednesday! I tried one of the recipes from a past season this week and a new green vegetable, Brussels Sprouts. Trying new foods is not something I like to do but now I have a child whose trying to be difficult when it comes to eating. I remember feeling like I'd rather starve than eat anything that resembled a casserole or had sauce (any kind of sauce). My mother deserves an apology from me but don't worry I'm getting a comeuppance, a kid just like me. Although I haven't discovered any food down her pants, yet.
Back to the sprouts. I took a brave bite and chewed for a few seconds then had to spit it out. Icky, it tasted very strong and green. Katherine at least licked hers that was good enough for me.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Unforeseen Tears

Our little girl started kindergarten today! We met her teacher for the first time this weekend and liked him immediately. I liked that he was competent, confident and a breaker of stupid rules (such as no cupcakes at parties). Katherine liked his turtles, fish, and towers of bins containing all kinds of interesting things.
Last week while shopping at Wal-mart, an employee asked me if I had purchased some Kleenex for myself when she discovered Katherine was starting school. I just laughed this off and haven't given it a second thought until this morning. I decided to let her ride the bus this morning at the last minute with her friend Eleanor whose 9. The bus comes at 6:30 and we were in a rush to get her at the stop sign on time. It wasn't until I saw my sweet little girl running to meet her friend with that giant backpack bouncing up and down that it hit me. I started to cry. She seemed so little but independent. My how time flies. I needed that Kleenex after all.
Thank goodness I had three $10 off any purchase from Penny's to brighten my day. Mom, Charlie and I had a great time shopping. I came home with 4 sweaters, 2 button up shirts with cute feminine ruffles, and an awesome pair of earrings. And I hit the Clinique counter for a free gift after a purchase of two new lipsticks. I felt better after some shopping therapy but was nervous until I met Katherine getting off the bus. Her day went well and she was very happy. Except for the hot bus ride home.

Monday, August 10, 2009

The Mix 'N Chop

I don't know about you but I got invited to Pampered Chef parties about 7 times this summer. Cooking just isn't my thing but I hate disappointing my friends. So I go to the party and find myself flipping through the catalog trying to find something useful but cheap. No one can beat TJMaxx when it comes to affordable cookware but I digress.
My husband is particular about the dimensions of his hamburger crumbles which is why I was excited to see a gadget specifically for this purpose at $10. Tonight I was happy with the results of my taco meat using this gadget. Was it as fine as the meat you find in Mexican restaurants? No, that is still an unsolved mystery. But it was the smallest crumble I've ever achieved and the best part, I could throw my new gadget right into the dishwasher. I give the Mix "N Chop an A-. Points were subtracted because I think it's a little overpriced.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Yummy Pad Thai!

My talented friend Polly had a play date/luncheon recently and served the best Pad Thai. I don't normally venture out into the lands of ethnic food but Polly is an exceptional cook so I made an exception. I admire her ability to throw ingredients together and end up with something fantastic.
She graciously took the time to write down a recipe and e-mailed it. The ingredients called for 2 items I have never used before, hoisin sauce and Mae Ploy's Chili sauce. The latter I had to find in an Asian market. That was an experience. If you live around here I went into the Korean Market in the old Waccamaw shopping center. It was only $3. 98.
The dinner turned out to be a great success! Everyone had seconds and we had just enough for Chuck's lunch the next day. It made me feel like a fine cook, thanks Polly!
Polly's Pad Thai

Cooked noodles of your choice.

1 cup Mae Ploy sweet chili sauce

2 Tbsp Hoisen sauce

2 tsp Soy sauce

2 heaping Tbsp Chunky Peanut Butter – or smooth and add chopped Peanuts

Juice of one lime. Put half in the sauce and half on top of your final dish

1 Bell Pepper-big chunks. I like orange, red and yellow mixed.

1 large Onion- big chunks

1 Clove of crushed Garlic

1 tbsp Sesame oil

Large handful of bean sprouts-canned or fresh

Chicken cut in chunks (shrimp is good too)


Green Onion tops. chopped

Cook chicken in olive oil and sesame oil. Add onions, peppers and garlic and cook until tender. Mix Mae Ploy, Hoisen sauce, ½ lime juice, peanut butter and soy sauce and heat until bubbly and smooth. Add water or coconut milk if the sauce is too thick. Pour sauce over chicken and veggies and add bean sprouts and noodles. Cook an additional 2-3 minutes. Place in dish and sprinkle the rest of the lime juice over top. Garnish with lots of cilantro and a couple of green onion tops.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Saturday's Finds

I had a wonderful morning of thrifting! My friend Ginger and I found all kinds of interesting things. Our first sale of the day had a bit of a rough start. We both battled rude people snatching items out of our personal space. The haughty sellers didn't have better manners. They had the naive attitude that we should pay top dollar for their items because "they were only worn once" or "that couch was originally $1800!". We lost our patience with this running dialogue and left only spending $1 on some dress up wings for Katherine.

Our next sale had a seller who wanted to justify her high prices by taping a printed product guide on her larger items with the original price circled. We weren't impressed. But she did have her baby clothes priced well and I picked up some cute things.

The next stop was where I found my bargain of the day, three vintage pins for .50 cents!

By this time Ginger was still empty handed. She finally came across some books when we swung into the Goodwill. She has a daughter with a ferocious appetite for books. I hope my children develop this habit. My next finds were a vintage slip, some decorating magazines, and a pair of adorable sparkly shoes for Katherine all for $4.25.

Our next stop was the most interesting. It was a bit out of town but from the road looked promising. He had furniture pieces scattered about the lawn and tumbling out of a barn. I bought an interesting soup tureen with platter that someone made in 1967 and gifted to their mother at Christmas. He also sold me a wooden purse decoupaged with scenes from the Revolutionary War, both for $8. Ginger found two items she couldn't pass up. A vintage metal typewriter desk and stool.

We were on a roll now and continued onto a local flea market where I found some more treasures. A shadow box, 4 fun Santa cups, a leg lamp t-shirt, and some building blocks. My total for the day came to $28.00. All in all it was a great morning even with the heat and humidity. Thanks for going Ginger you made it way more fun!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I Need a Caftan

My mother recently purchased a caftan from QVC (the home shopping channel). I laughed until I noticed her hurt look. It didn't help that I like saying the word caftan. Caftan. She then explained that it wasn't a caftan from the '70's but a house coat. I was picturing Mrs. Roper from Three's Company with her ethnic robes and chunky necklaces.
Mom showed me her new caftan and it was cute. Sexy? No, but cute.Chuck recently told me that my size 2X pajama pants are "not my best look". They were purchased to wear in the hospital when I had Charlie. On those rare occasions that he says something, I throw whatever he doesn't like straight into the trash. I suppose my cozy but unattractive pants will have to be retired so I'll not be tempted.
Shall I try a caftan? I think I will so I can say caftan. Caftan.
Some news about this blog, you no longer have to have an account to leave a comment. I just learned how to turn that off but that I should be prepared to receive SPAM promising to enlarge a small penis and to purchase my prescriptions from Canada.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Yard Sales

I was able to get out out bed in time for some yard sales last Saturday! I haven't been to one in a year, I'm not a morning person. I hit about 6 and got some good stuff. But it got too humid and I was tired of sweating.
Next time I'll have to take the camera. I saw some very strange items like a giant black shell lamp with a naked couple kissing. I overheard that the couple revolve and light up in different colors. She sold it for $8 (not to me). She also had a trio of life size ceramic cats to welcome yard salers into the backyard. The same woman who bought the lamp had to have one of the cats. Interesting.
I came across some good deals on baby clothes and of course had to run into someone I haven't seen in 10 years. Rarely do I step out of the house without make-up and earrings on. At least I had on some lipstick.
My best buy was some Geo Trax ( train set pieces) for Chuck and Katherine. They were thrilled and put up some tracks and trains right away.
Here's a list of what I came home with:-A Sweet Pickles book ( I had these as a child and it's always bothered me not to have them all)
-2 pairs of baby pj's
-a sweet little plaid shirt and undershirt for Charlie
-a small scrapbook
-giant size alphabet fridge letters ( maybe to use in a future craft)
-a bottle organizer for the dishwasher
-child size clothing hangers
-the box of Geo Trax that came with a bunch of small farm animals
All for a total of $15. I had a good time, maybe I'll go again soon! Anyone want to come?

Monday, August 3, 2009

Me Saying Snotty Things

I hate receiving baby/wedding shower invitations that ask for gift cards, diapers, and/or wipes. No one wants to attend a shower when no cute gifts are going to be oohed and aahed over. I don't want to buy diapers and wipes, I want to buy fun lovely things that are going to be passed around to all the guests.
I can still tell you what person gave us certain toys, outfits and wedding presents. Some are quite unique and others are very special. My late Aunt Sybil gave Katherine a gold locket with her initial on it. It's one of my favorite treasures.
Chuck and I got married the last day of November so we received several Christmas ornaments as gifts. I love them all and we enjoy reminiscing over them every year.
I hope you can forgive my being a snob and invite me to your gift card/diaper and wipes shower anyway.