Saturday, August 8, 2009

Saturday's Finds

I had a wonderful morning of thrifting! My friend Ginger and I found all kinds of interesting things. Our first sale of the day had a bit of a rough start. We both battled rude people snatching items out of our personal space. The haughty sellers didn't have better manners. They had the naive attitude that we should pay top dollar for their items because "they were only worn once" or "that couch was originally $1800!". We lost our patience with this running dialogue and left only spending $1 on some dress up wings for Katherine.

Our next sale had a seller who wanted to justify her high prices by taping a printed product guide on her larger items with the original price circled. We weren't impressed. But she did have her baby clothes priced well and I picked up some cute things.

The next stop was where I found my bargain of the day, three vintage pins for .50 cents!

By this time Ginger was still empty handed. She finally came across some books when we swung into the Goodwill. She has a daughter with a ferocious appetite for books. I hope my children develop this habit. My next finds were a vintage slip, some decorating magazines, and a pair of adorable sparkly shoes for Katherine all for $4.25.

Our next stop was the most interesting. It was a bit out of town but from the road looked promising. He had furniture pieces scattered about the lawn and tumbling out of a barn. I bought an interesting soup tureen with platter that someone made in 1967 and gifted to their mother at Christmas. He also sold me a wooden purse decoupaged with scenes from the Revolutionary War, both for $8. Ginger found two items she couldn't pass up. A vintage metal typewriter desk and stool.

We were on a roll now and continued onto a local flea market where I found some more treasures. A shadow box, 4 fun Santa cups, a leg lamp t-shirt, and some building blocks. My total for the day came to $28.00. All in all it was a great morning even with the heat and humidity. Thanks for going Ginger you made it way more fun!

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  1. WOW! I am impressed. Let me know the next time that you are venturing out and I will try to go with you. I love the vintage pins! NICE!