Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Unforeseen Tears

Our little girl started kindergarten today! We met her teacher for the first time this weekend and liked him immediately. I liked that he was competent, confident and a breaker of stupid rules (such as no cupcakes at parties). Katherine liked his turtles, fish, and towers of bins containing all kinds of interesting things.
Last week while shopping at Wal-mart, an employee asked me if I had purchased some Kleenex for myself when she discovered Katherine was starting school. I just laughed this off and haven't given it a second thought until this morning. I decided to let her ride the bus this morning at the last minute with her friend Eleanor whose 9. The bus comes at 6:30 and we were in a rush to get her at the stop sign on time. It wasn't until I saw my sweet little girl running to meet her friend with that giant backpack bouncing up and down that it hit me. I started to cry. She seemed so little but independent. My how time flies. I needed that Kleenex after all.
Thank goodness I had three $10 off any purchase from Penny's to brighten my day. Mom, Charlie and I had a great time shopping. I came home with 4 sweaters, 2 button up shirts with cute feminine ruffles, and an awesome pair of earrings. And I hit the Clinique counter for a free gift after a purchase of two new lipsticks. I felt better after some shopping therapy but was nervous until I met Katherine getting off the bus. Her day went well and she was very happy. Except for the hot bus ride home.

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  1. Oh, I remember the tears! Katherine looks adorable though! Have a great school year!