Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I Need a Caftan

My mother recently purchased a caftan from QVC (the home shopping channel). I laughed until I noticed her hurt look. It didn't help that I like saying the word caftan. Caftan. She then explained that it wasn't a caftan from the '70's but a house coat. I was picturing Mrs. Roper from Three's Company with her ethnic robes and chunky necklaces.
Mom showed me her new caftan and it was cute. Sexy? No, but cute.Chuck recently told me that my size 2X pajama pants are "not my best look". They were purchased to wear in the hospital when I had Charlie. On those rare occasions that he says something, I throw whatever he doesn't like straight into the trash. I suppose my cozy but unattractive pants will have to be retired so I'll not be tempted.
Shall I try a caftan? I think I will so I can say caftan. Caftan.
Some news about this blog, you no longer have to have an account to leave a comment. I just learned how to turn that off but that I should be prepared to receive SPAM promising to enlarge a small penis and to purchase my prescriptions from Canada.

1 comment:

  1. I look forward to seeing your SPAM comments! HA! I can't imagine why Chuck doesn't like your pajama bottoms! Try the caftan and let me know what you think!