Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Regrettable Tattoos

My fake tattoos from last weekend are still very much here. I layered 3 large ones together on my forearm for a costume. Regular soap didn't do a thing. Baby oil with lots of scrubbing only resulted in weird colored flakes atop a stinging red arm.

I have been successfully hiding my arm all week until last night. I was at a church function and it was spotted poking out from under my sweater. The tattoos were unveiled and I was showered with well meaning advice on how to get it off. A few of the suggestions: A Mr. Clean Eraser, Comet, make-up remover, Goo Gone, a cut onion, and rubbing alcohol. I tried several of these but the best one was the rubbing alcohol. It is not a quick fix but it got the flakes off and most of the second tattoo after much scrubbing with a washcloth, a Q-tip or cotton ball wasn't rough enough. I don't for see myself wearing anymore of these tattoos.

My First Successful Refashion

My friend, Ginger emailed me this great blog, Made With Love and Glue. This post showed where Rachel took a Miley Cyrus dress found on clearance and turned it into a skirt. I happen to find one of these clearance dresses for $1 at our Wal-mart! I was so excited, mine is a bit different from hers but once the top was whacked off with scissors the end result was just as cute.
Here's our adorable new look! And wow, it took absolutely no talent. I can handle that kind of refashion.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Alice In Wonderland

We went with some friends to see Alice In Wonderland opening weekend. It was fun going out with friends to dinner and a movie. The movie however was not my favorite. Number one problem, I don't care for 3D movies. I did not realize it was 3D until I was charged $12.25 for one ticket. I don't understand the whole 3D movement, it doesn't make the movie any better in my opinion.

The movie began with funny parts. Alice is at a fancy party where she discovers it is actually an engagement party, HER engagement party. Of course the man who asks for her hand is a bore, unattractive, and has an overbearing mother. What does a girl do??? She makes a quick excuse then falls into a hole.

The movie overall was too dark and weird. I was expecting Wonderland to turn beautiful at the end, it did not. We discover what Alice does after her adventure. She does not marry the mama's boy but goes into business with his father who funds explorers. Odd. I give this movie a C.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Our '80's Costumes

I had a hard time coming up with something at the thrift store that was offensive enough and was my size for the costume party. I did run across the most amazing shiny mauve jumpsuit with enormous shoulder pads but alas, it was very small. An '80's wedding gown could not be found! I did come home with a pair of black aviator glasses. Chuck tried them on and the likeness to George Michael was remarkable! I tried to convince him to let me wear his awesome Karate Kid costume and he go as George, but it was a no-go.
That got my mind going. I could go as a man, Mr. Miyagi, Rambo, Mr. T?
No, none of those was right but Axl Rose is! What an easy costume, jeans, ratty t-shirt, flannel shirt, boots, some tattoos, bandanna, aviator glasses. I already have the hair. The tattoos were tricky. The only place I could think of with large tattoos was a coin machine at our local Mexican restaurant. I bought three. I'm sure Axl's ink are not Marvel Comic's superheros but they'll do.

Here's a great photo of Axl back in the day. Sadly, he has messed with plastic surgery and lost his manliness.

Here we are ready to party! I had a full length photo but it made me look fat so-delete.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Thrifty Last Minute Birthday Gift

We had three birthday parties we wanted to attend this past weekend. One was for my daughter's best friend from school. I needed a quick thrifty gift. Here's what I came up with:

I think it turned out really cute. The necklace was from Hobby Lobby and the bird charm and bead I already had. I've done the Scrabble tile charm before by drilling a hole into the corner then twisting a head pin into a loop. I think this will be a go-to project for a lot more parties!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

'80's Birthday Party!

I'm so excited to be invited to an '80's costume party! I was not a teenager during the 1980's but I was a pre-teen. Of course I had permed hair with a bang and it was tri-colored thanks to Sun-In. One of my favorite Christmas presents was a butane curling iron that I would use after P.E. to pump up those bangs to the max, good times.

This is my cousin and I (I'm on the right) in my aunt's wigs. My aunt worked at a hair salon during that time and managed to melt her hair off. She bought several wigs until it grew back. I was in love with these wigs. I appreciate whoever played along that day by taking us to the mall. We thought we were hot stuff but looking back I'm sure they had second thoughts about being seen with us.

I'm off to a thrift store in the morning for a costume!

Last Minute Dr. Suess Costume

I hate missing a memo from school. Somehow I managed to lose the sheet explaining Dr. Seuss week. I had one day to come up with a character costume for Friday's parade. We already own a lion costume so I glued and toothpicked fake apples to a head band to represent the book, "Ten Apples Up On Top". Of course my daughter pointed out that it's not a lion it's a tiger with 10 apples up on top. It's close enough and I think it turned out pretty good. Here's me seeing if the headband was able to hold up.

And here's the naughty child that was supposed to be asleep already.