Thursday, March 4, 2010

'80's Birthday Party!

I'm so excited to be invited to an '80's costume party! I was not a teenager during the 1980's but I was a pre-teen. Of course I had permed hair with a bang and it was tri-colored thanks to Sun-In. One of my favorite Christmas presents was a butane curling iron that I would use after P.E. to pump up those bangs to the max, good times.

This is my cousin and I (I'm on the right) in my aunt's wigs. My aunt worked at a hair salon during that time and managed to melt her hair off. She bought several wigs until it grew back. I was in love with these wigs. I appreciate whoever played along that day by taking us to the mall. We thought we were hot stuff but looking back I'm sure they had second thoughts about being seen with us.

I'm off to a thrift store in the morning for a costume!

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