Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Thrift Finds for the Week

I went to a thrift store and some yard sales last week and found some stuff.  Mom and I dug through a box someone had donated of old craft things.  I brought home some plastic apple charms, small square mirrors, and a bag of turquoise beads for $.75.  I must say I enjoyed the digging through that box!

Yard sales were plentiful again this weekend and the weather was so nice, fun!  I brought home two more lanterns, 2 candles, a lamp shade, a pair of jeans, some fall flowers, and three large pine cones.  I think my total was $10. 

Monday, August 30, 2010

Serious Question

We had an unpleasant visit to our local Sonic recently.  I had some coupons which was why we went in the first place.  While ordering the worker became confused so came out to the car to clarify.  We gave him our card for payment and the coupons.  Several minutes later he came back with our food and to return our card and the coupons.  He stated he'd just let us keep the coupons.  Okay, whatever.

This same guy came back to our car minutes later and actually asked for a tip.  He had "talked" to his manager and expected a tip or the coupons back.  Chuck explained that it isn't written on the menu that tips are expected but he could have the coupons back.  This jerk continued to argue so Chuck firmly pointed out, if he was expecting a tip then he should do a better job with the order since it was missing tots and napkins.  Then he left.

We continued to sit eating our meal and he came back for a 3rd time!  He wanted to know if we wanted refills.  Chuck then accused him of pandering for a tip.  Since when does Sonic do refills?!  If we expected a refill we wouldn't have ordered the Route 44 size!  He finally left for good and we took off.  Chuck then tells me he had the feeling the kid wanted our drinks so he could do something to them.  Once this was said I knew it to be true. 

I'm going to speak with the manager tomorrow about this situation.  If I'm expected to tip then I want to know about it.  I'll tell you how it goes.  Just wondering, do you tip at Sonic? 

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Saturday's Finds

This weekend was like the last month, not very good, when it comes to finding great junk at yard sales.  Today we went to a lot of sales but they had mostly baby stuff.  I did pick up some items for Katherine that I'm excited about.  Most of the items were $.50 a piece, what a great price.

We also hit two thrift shops and I bought a couple of little things.  A little purse to be cut up into something else, a small vintage Santa, and very small vintage glass ornaments.  Ginger found the adorable owl trivet that will look so cute painted in a bright glossy paint!  All for a total of $1.25!

$.75 Well Spent

I had a great time thrifting with some friends two weeks ago at Faith Rescue Mission.  All the children's clothes were $.75!  I picked up several items but what I was most excited about was this:

We all made fun of it's bizarre qualities but once I had a good look I liked the felt flowers.  Cutting the flowers off and adding it to a cute sweater of Katherine's could give this tacky number a new life.

While unpacking my bag, Katherine spotted the shirt right away.  "Ohhhh, is this for me?!  I love it!".  I explained that I was going to cut off the flowers and add them to something else but she could have the sparkly shirt.  "It's perfect for a poisonous frog costume!" and then started to put it on.  I don't guess anyone has died of wearing second hand clothes before they're washed.  I try not to think about it. 

Once I started cutting the flowers off I realized that someone had cut each flower out then painstakingly blanket stitched all around each flower.  It was a labor of love for some little girl, I'm glad I bought it.  Here are my end projects:

I sewed snaps onto the sweater and the back of the flowers so they come off for washing.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Latest Good Read

I've not taken the time this summer to read like I usually do so I haven't been able to suggest anything good.  I finally found a Young Adult book at the library last week that I enjoyed, "The Third Witch" by Rebecca Reisert. 
The story takes place in the Dark Ages and begins with our heroine, Gilly, living with two hags in the forest.  She is obsessed with killing the man who killed her father and left her an orphan.  Gilly tries to get the two witches to help her with this but they refuse her and she leaves to do the task alone.  This book is based on Shakespeare's "MacBeth" so you might be able to guess some of the parts.  I do not know "MacBeth" but enjoyed the book despite the Dark Ages. 

Monday, August 16, 2010

Nips Vs. It's

It was brought to my attention that there are Cheese Nips AND Cheez-Its.  Maybe I'm the only one who didn't know this.  They are both shaped into squares with a little hole in the middle.  Chuck thought we should do a taste test.

Cheese Nips are a little harder to find and contain real cheese.  Chuck preferred this one but I think they have an after taste.
Cheez-Its are a puffier square and are easily found.  In fact they have several flavors to choose from.  We also tried the low-fat version.  They were gross.  Only Charlie would eat them.  Katherine and I both prefer the regular Cheez-Its.
When it comes to calories and nutrition they are both about the same but if you like the taste of real cheddar you will prefer the Nips.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Yard Sale Finds

Today's sales were plentiful but didn't have a whole lot to offer.  At least I came home with a couple things, Ginger only found a Pampered Chef vegetable steamer.

 The silver thing in the back looks like glass but it's plastic, I'm going to add it to my mercury glass collection.  And I found another lantern for my collection.  The gold thingy is actually a pretty necklace with a thick glass heart that magnifies.  I got home and added some chunky charms onto it.  The suit is for Charlie, but now I've got to find some black dress shoes before he can wear it.  Nothing terribly exciting today but I had a good time anyway!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Fall Consignment Sale Dates

It is almost time for the first children's consignment sale!  I've compiled a list of the local area sales below.  I have only included the first day of the sale and the first day of the clearance days.  If you are interested in shopping or consigning for the first time I have a few hints from a previous post. 

Kids Carousel, Old Sam's Club on Eastern Blvd (Montgomery)
Saturday August 28th 9-6
50% off day Thursday September 2nd 9-6
75% off day Saturday September 4th 9-3

Children's Clothing Exchange, old Shoe Station off Eastern Blvd (Montgomery)
Wednesday September 8th 9-6
Sunday September 12th-14th 1-6 on Sunday and 9-6 other days

My Kids Attic, Coliseum Blvd (Montgomery) 
Saturday September 11th 9-6
50% off day September 15th 9-6

Doodlebugs, 231 North (Wetumpka)
Saturday September 25th 8-4
50% off day Friday October 1st 9-6

Mom's Marketplace, National Guard Armory (Prattville)
Friday October 8th 10-7
50% off day October 11th 9-7

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A Thrifted Find Gets A Makeover

I purchased this at a great estate sale two weeks ago.  The sale was a lot of fun due to reasonable prices.  We don't have many of these sales around here and they're usually overpriced. 
I picked this frame up for $5.00.  It was a broken mirror for a dresser but I was thinking it would be a cork board for my desk.  I bought a roll of cork with a coupon for about $9 and the fabric was on sale for $4.

I am pleased with the results but now I need to make some cute thumb tacks and finish the entire laundry room project.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Good Morning Turns Into Panic Afternoon

Last Saturday my morning was great!  Ginger and I went to several yard sales and found some goodies.  I came home with:

A sweater for Katherine   $1.00
Child size hangers   $1.00
Leggings       $.25
Magazines   $.25
Spider earrings   $.25
Tarnished silver platter   $1.00
Clock    $.75
Weight Watcher's Cook book  $.75

For a total of $5.25!

However, I did not come home with MY WALLET.  We ran into Hobby Lobby for a moment and I came out without my wallet.  I can only guess that I put it down to rummage through the clearance.  Of course we backtracked to several places and scoured Hobby Lobby twice but nothing.  I had about $240 in it and so far no one has called.  I feel incredibly stupid, but lesson learned. 

Monday, August 9, 2010

Back To School!

This was Katherine's first week in 1st grade.  Here she is after the first day:

Poor Charlie is not used to her being gone.  He walks around the house calling "Sisahhh, Sisahhh" then runs to her room to get into her stuff.  If you want to know more about Katherine's first day of school, she has her own blog: QueenKittyWitty.

Estate Sale Finds

I've had a lot of luck lately with estate sales!  We went to one this morning that was packed with people and the parking was a bit crazy.  But I made it home with a few treasures.

A roasting pan $1
Vintage Christmas balls $.50
Wooden filigree thing $1
Vintage chalkboard $3
The clothing was from a yard sale two weeks ago that I left in Ginger's car.  I hope to make something for my little model as seen below....

My favorite thing was this faux fur stole for $3!  I can't wait to wear it with a black turtle neck and maybe a vintage rhinestone pin.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

New/Old Lamp

I bought this lamp from a yard sale about three months ago at the suggestion of Aunt Frances.  I'm so glad she sent me a photo of it!  I loved the color right away but it needed a lot of work.  I purchased a lamp kit but it turned out that there is a bulb that lights up the base which complicated things.  I'm saying this like I'm the one who did all the work, sorry Chuck. 

Several lamp parts later and a new shade and it's ready to light my new work space.  It may not have been the bargain I thought I was getting but it certainly has the charm that can't be duplicated.

Monday, August 2, 2010

A Space Of My Very Own

If you have spent any amount of time with me, you have heard me whine about having no where to craft.  We currently live in a home with no dining room which has been my spot in the past.  My loving husband suggested I use some space in our bedroom.  I HATE that idea.  A crafter needs a spot where they can leave a mess.  The only place we had left was the laundry room.  Here are some before shots, prepare yourself for a mess.

Although this room has cabinetry it's not functional.  Here is an example, the drawers cannot open all the way because the knobs of other drawers are in the way.  Ridiculous.

And one of the cabinets is so deep, my arms cannot reach the back.  I have to fit my entire upper body into the cabinet to reach anything in the dark cave.  Ridiculous.

We're still working on making this functional.  I have a lot of work to do.  Did I mention that this room originally had not one but TWO bands of wall paper border when we moved in?

I believe I ripped this stuff off within minutes of walking into our home for the first time.  Sadly, I never took the time to wash off the glue left behind so that has to be done before I paint.   
I hope it will be done by the end of the week!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

A Successful Project!

I took the energy to pull out my sewing machine for a project two weeks ago.  This one is from I Am Momma-Hear Me Roar.  It involves cutting off the bottom of a onesie and sewing it to the bottom of a dress shirt so that it always stays tucked in.  I loved this idea and found it quite easy to do!  It was so easy I made two. 

I was very happy with how the shirt performed at church today.  It stayed tucked the entire time and no one could tell that it was a onesie.  I plan on making every one of his dress shirts into a onesie.