Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Good Morning Turns Into Panic Afternoon

Last Saturday my morning was great!  Ginger and I went to several yard sales and found some goodies.  I came home with:

A sweater for Katherine   $1.00
Child size hangers   $1.00
Leggings       $.25
Magazines   $.25
Spider earrings   $.25
Tarnished silver platter   $1.00
Clock    $.75
Weight Watcher's Cook book  $.75

For a total of $5.25!

However, I did not come home with MY WALLET.  We ran into Hobby Lobby for a moment and I came out without my wallet.  I can only guess that I put it down to rummage through the clearance.  Of course we backtracked to several places and scoured Hobby Lobby twice but nothing.  I had about $240 in it and so far no one has called.  I feel incredibly stupid, but lesson learned. 

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