Friday, August 13, 2010

Fall Consignment Sale Dates

It is almost time for the first children's consignment sale!  I've compiled a list of the local area sales below.  I have only included the first day of the sale and the first day of the clearance days.  If you are interested in shopping or consigning for the first time I have a few hints from a previous post. 

Kids Carousel, Old Sam's Club on Eastern Blvd (Montgomery)
Saturday August 28th 9-6
50% off day Thursday September 2nd 9-6
75% off day Saturday September 4th 9-3

Children's Clothing Exchange, old Shoe Station off Eastern Blvd (Montgomery)
Wednesday September 8th 9-6
Sunday September 12th-14th 1-6 on Sunday and 9-6 other days

My Kids Attic, Coliseum Blvd (Montgomery) 
Saturday September 11th 9-6
50% off day September 15th 9-6

Doodlebugs, 231 North (Wetumpka)
Saturday September 25th 8-4
50% off day Friday October 1st 9-6

Mom's Marketplace, National Guard Armory (Prattville)
Friday October 8th 10-7
50% off day October 11th 9-7

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