Saturday, August 21, 2010

$.75 Well Spent

I had a great time thrifting with some friends two weeks ago at Faith Rescue Mission.  All the children's clothes were $.75!  I picked up several items but what I was most excited about was this:

We all made fun of it's bizarre qualities but once I had a good look I liked the felt flowers.  Cutting the flowers off and adding it to a cute sweater of Katherine's could give this tacky number a new life.

While unpacking my bag, Katherine spotted the shirt right away.  "Ohhhh, is this for me?!  I love it!".  I explained that I was going to cut off the flowers and add them to something else but she could have the sparkly shirt.  "It's perfect for a poisonous frog costume!" and then started to put it on.  I don't guess anyone has died of wearing second hand clothes before they're washed.  I try not to think about it. 

Once I started cutting the flowers off I realized that someone had cut each flower out then painstakingly blanket stitched all around each flower.  It was a labor of love for some little girl, I'm glad I bought it.  Here are my end projects:

I sewed snaps onto the sweater and the back of the flowers so they come off for washing.

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