Monday, August 30, 2010

Serious Question

We had an unpleasant visit to our local Sonic recently.  I had some coupons which was why we went in the first place.  While ordering the worker became confused so came out to the car to clarify.  We gave him our card for payment and the coupons.  Several minutes later he came back with our food and to return our card and the coupons.  He stated he'd just let us keep the coupons.  Okay, whatever.

This same guy came back to our car minutes later and actually asked for a tip.  He had "talked" to his manager and expected a tip or the coupons back.  Chuck explained that it isn't written on the menu that tips are expected but he could have the coupons back.  This jerk continued to argue so Chuck firmly pointed out, if he was expecting a tip then he should do a better job with the order since it was missing tots and napkins.  Then he left.

We continued to sit eating our meal and he came back for a 3rd time!  He wanted to know if we wanted refills.  Chuck then accused him of pandering for a tip.  Since when does Sonic do refills?!  If we expected a refill we wouldn't have ordered the Route 44 size!  He finally left for good and we took off.  Chuck then tells me he had the feeling the kid wanted our drinks so he could do something to them.  Once this was said I knew it to be true. 

I'm going to speak with the manager tomorrow about this situation.  If I'm expected to tip then I want to know about it.  I'll tell you how it goes.  Just wondering, do you tip at Sonic? 


  1. I rarely tip at Sonic. Mainly because they NEVER get it right.
    I'd watch my debit card statement too since your card was out of your sight. I either use the card slider in the stall or pay cash there.
    And Chuck was right on about him wanting to give you guys something special in your drinks! I have never heard of refills at sonic either....though truthfully they put so much ice in my drink last time i think it was 40 oz of ice and 4 oz of limeaid.

  2. It never even entered my mind to tip at sonic....i guess I totally see it as a fast food joint and it isn't the norm. We only have a couple in our area, so I don't visit them often. Really weird experience you had....