Monday, July 13, 2009

Consignment Sales

It's the most wonderful time of the year! Time for the fall consignment sales! These sales happen in Spring and Fall and sell anything and everything for children at very affordable prices. Our area has 5 different sales and I go to everyone of them. I am also a consignor and volunteer to one of the sales. Below are some of my tips for these awesome sales.
When shopping a sale:
1. Go to the first Public Sale day when it starts. Be sure to use a bathroom before you go, these sales are usually held in rented areas without public restrooms.
2. Bring something to carry your items in. I bought a metal cart with 4 wheels for $20 at Big Lots. It is the best thing to use because it leaves both arms free to shop and can carry a heavy load.
3. If you are looking for specific items like a wagon or train set go to those sections first.
4. Be aware of the rules of the sale. Most sales have a 1/2 off day but not everything will be on sale. There will be a different color or something written on the tag to let you know if it's 1/2 off.
5. There is no such thing as "personal space" particularly in the racks of girls clothing. I grab what interests me and then find a spot to go through everything. A volunteer will happily place back what you don't want.
6. I enjoy these sales without the stress of my children tagging along and although my husband is very tolerant it's best that they don't come.

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