Sunday, July 19, 2009

Happy 103rd Birthday!

This past Saturday we celebrated my great grandmother's 103rd birthday! It was my job to make the cake for around 85 people. I did a large cake plus cupcakes last year but this time I decided to do a multilayer cake. I think people enjoyed the cupcakes more. They're so much easier to serve and eat at a pool party. But it was delicious!
Katherine and her cousin Rachel were inseparable the whole weekend. Those lollipops lasted and lasted.

Charlie wasn't much help but he was so cute making a mess!
This is me before it got really hot. I have to take my own photo each year or I end up with a shot of my eyes shut or an exaggerated double chin or my thighs looking incredibly large.
Here's my Grandma wearing a blonde wig given to her as a gift. She would not be convinced to wear it to the party but she did allow me to take the picture.

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