Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Scenes from the local Salvation Army

My trips to this thrift store never fail to entertain or aggravate me. It's full of curious folk, some work there and some just hang out. I'm not terribly fond of the old bat who runs the register, she tore off a $5 price sticker and replaced it with $15 on a fantastic lamp I brought to the counter. She voiced that it was too great of a lamp for so low of a price. I refused to buy it and stomped out in a huff. My pride prevented my going back for it so my mother went in and bought it for me a day later. I'm sorry that I don't have a "before" to show you but it did turn out pretty good. I painted the white parts (they were originally gold) and covered the shade with fabric. It is truly an original.

The Old Bat also refused to sell me a vintage Christmas sprig because it is taped to her pen. I really hate her.
There are always quite a few old people milling around. One couple comes in frequently and argue the entire time. He leans onto the tables and shouts across the aisle "now put that down, we don't need another one of those". She fiercely clutches her "precious" and he ends up buying it anyway.
The older ladies are the best. One regular never fails to mention how beautiful Charlie is and how his hair looks just like her Mitch. The older men say "that baby sure looks taken care of, look at those legs!". They are very sweet to him and he always rewards them with a huge smile.
A very weathered man is always there and helps out with the furniture when he's not occupying it. The Old Bat gets onto him continually for leaving coffee rings on the merchandise. He recognizes me now and thinks I'm some sort of expert on all things child related. I just go with it.
Maybe he'll put in a good word for me the next time The Old Bat gives me a hard time.

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