Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Regrettable Tattoos

My fake tattoos from last weekend are still very much here. I layered 3 large ones together on my forearm for a costume. Regular soap didn't do a thing. Baby oil with lots of scrubbing only resulted in weird colored flakes atop a stinging red arm.

I have been successfully hiding my arm all week until last night. I was at a church function and it was spotted poking out from under my sweater. The tattoos were unveiled and I was showered with well meaning advice on how to get it off. A few of the suggestions: A Mr. Clean Eraser, Comet, make-up remover, Goo Gone, a cut onion, and rubbing alcohol. I tried several of these but the best one was the rubbing alcohol. It is not a quick fix but it got the flakes off and most of the second tattoo after much scrubbing with a washcloth, a Q-tip or cotton ball wasn't rough enough. I don't for see myself wearing anymore of these tattoos.

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