Monday, March 15, 2010

Our '80's Costumes

I had a hard time coming up with something at the thrift store that was offensive enough and was my size for the costume party. I did run across the most amazing shiny mauve jumpsuit with enormous shoulder pads but alas, it was very small. An '80's wedding gown could not be found! I did come home with a pair of black aviator glasses. Chuck tried them on and the likeness to George Michael was remarkable! I tried to convince him to let me wear his awesome Karate Kid costume and he go as George, but it was a no-go.
That got my mind going. I could go as a man, Mr. Miyagi, Rambo, Mr. T?
No, none of those was right but Axl Rose is! What an easy costume, jeans, ratty t-shirt, flannel shirt, boots, some tattoos, bandanna, aviator glasses. I already have the hair. The tattoos were tricky. The only place I could think of with large tattoos was a coin machine at our local Mexican restaurant. I bought three. I'm sure Axl's ink are not Marvel Comic's superheros but they'll do.

Here's a great photo of Axl back in the day. Sadly, he has messed with plastic surgery and lost his manliness.

Here we are ready to party! I had a full length photo but it made me look fat so-delete.

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