Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Alice In Wonderland

We went with some friends to see Alice In Wonderland opening weekend. It was fun going out with friends to dinner and a movie. The movie however was not my favorite. Number one problem, I don't care for 3D movies. I did not realize it was 3D until I was charged $12.25 for one ticket. I don't understand the whole 3D movement, it doesn't make the movie any better in my opinion.

The movie began with funny parts. Alice is at a fancy party where she discovers it is actually an engagement party, HER engagement party. Of course the man who asks for her hand is a bore, unattractive, and has an overbearing mother. What does a girl do??? She makes a quick excuse then falls into a hole.

The movie overall was too dark and weird. I was expecting Wonderland to turn beautiful at the end, it did not. We discover what Alice does after her adventure. She does not marry the mama's boy but goes into business with his father who funds explorers. Odd. I give this movie a C.

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