Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A Green Vegetable

One of my favorite shows is Top Chef on Bravo which starts a new season next Wednesday! I tried one of the recipes from a past season this week and a new green vegetable, Brussels Sprouts. Trying new foods is not something I like to do but now I have a child whose trying to be difficult when it comes to eating. I remember feeling like I'd rather starve than eat anything that resembled a casserole or had sauce (any kind of sauce). My mother deserves an apology from me but don't worry I'm getting a comeuppance, a kid just like me. Although I haven't discovered any food down her pants, yet.
Back to the sprouts. I took a brave bite and chewed for a few seconds then had to spit it out. Icky, it tasted very strong and green. Katherine at least licked hers that was good enough for me.

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