Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin

The movie was wonderful! We loved the scenes of Julia and were a bit sorry when it switched to tell us the story of Julie. Julie turned out to be a bit of a whiner and the makeover I was expecting of her boyish and mousy colored hair never came. And she never once wore an attractive outfit. How did they manage to make the beautiful girl from Enchanted so bland?

But Meryl Streep as Julia could not have been better, we couldn't get enough. She was hilarious. Chuck was in the mood to try French food after seeing the movie so he looked up La Jolla the ritziest place to eat around here. Good thing he researched it before we went. You must be 18 to go in and dressed in business casual. I haven't worked in 6 years, I don't have any business casual. I'd have to wear a church dress. I think we'll save La Jolla for a special occasion.

Back to Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin, this is my favorite lotion from Bath and Body for Fall. The scent is described as "sweet and spicy scents of fall – apple, cranberry, cinnamon, pumpkin and clove." It really puts me in the mood for sweaters and boots. Mom and I had a scare a few years back when we were told that this particular scent was no longer going to be sold. I spent that entire winter hoarding the body soap from Chuck who also loves it. Turned out it was just a nasty rumor. If you're in the mood for Fall give this scent a try!

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