Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Couponing-A Whole New World

I've been reading a lot about slashing your weekly grocery bill in half using coupons. My friend Cindy inspired this new habit/addiction. Her eyes sparkled with sheer happiness when she talked about how much money they've been able to save in the past year. After my research I can see why she was so passionate about her prized coupon notebook.

After reading several different sites (Southern Savers, To Save A Penny, Bargain Brianna) I started my own notebook of coupons. Bargain Brianna has a complete tutorial for you here. My first step was to gather all the coupons I had around the house. Here's what I ended up with, (see above). They were everywhere; in my purse, in the car, in the kitchen, on my nightstand, on the bathroom counter. I never have them when I need them so they end up expired. Not anymore! I followed the wise instructions of Bargain Brianna and purchased a zippered notebook, dividers, a pencil pouch, and baseball card protector sheets. Here's my new best friend!
The two of us, notebook and me, saved $63.09 this week with the help of coupons and sale papers. We went everywhere together. And we received a free can of baby formula from Target. I had an $11 off manufacturer coupon and it was on clearance for $10.48, so it was free! You can see how shopping Target's clearance and combining a manufacturer's coupon and/or a printed Target coupon from the register can really save you some cash.
This is just the beginning, the more coupons I can gather the more I can save. Mom, if you're not going to use those valuable inserts from the paper, I'll take them!

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