Friday, August 28, 2009

Consignment Sale Changes

I received two emails this week about some changes in the upcoming consignment sales. CCE's location is now going to be held in the old McLendon Furniture building, 2505 Eastern Blvd. This is the first sale of the season starting on Sept. 9th! I got a sneak peek inside of the new location this afternoon dropping off my items. It is much larger and doesn't smell like mothballs, but the lighting is not the best.

Here's a photo of what I consigned today. All 130 items. I'm getting rid of the larger baby items that we're done with. They lasted through my two babies. Just for the record I'm not saying we won't have another one but it might be a while. I did get a little sad today when I was hanging Charlie's newborn clothes at the sale.
Another sale change was the edition of a 70% off day with Mom's Marketplace. This is very exciting! I love a deep discount! I have added these changes on the complete consignment sale list on an earlier post if you'd like to print it.

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