Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Yard Sales

I was able to get out out bed in time for some yard sales last Saturday! I haven't been to one in a year, I'm not a morning person. I hit about 6 and got some good stuff. But it got too humid and I was tired of sweating.
Next time I'll have to take the camera. I saw some very strange items like a giant black shell lamp with a naked couple kissing. I overheard that the couple revolve and light up in different colors. She sold it for $8 (not to me). She also had a trio of life size ceramic cats to welcome yard salers into the backyard. The same woman who bought the lamp had to have one of the cats. Interesting.
I came across some good deals on baby clothes and of course had to run into someone I haven't seen in 10 years. Rarely do I step out of the house without make-up and earrings on. At least I had on some lipstick.
My best buy was some Geo Trax ( train set pieces) for Chuck and Katherine. They were thrilled and put up some tracks and trains right away.
Here's a list of what I came home with:-A Sweet Pickles book ( I had these as a child and it's always bothered me not to have them all)
-2 pairs of baby pj's
-a sweet little plaid shirt and undershirt for Charlie
-a small scrapbook
-giant size alphabet fridge letters ( maybe to use in a future craft)
-a bottle organizer for the dishwasher
-child size clothing hangers
-the box of Geo Trax that came with a bunch of small farm animals
All for a total of $15. I had a good time, maybe I'll go again soon! Anyone want to come?

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  1. You should have bought the lamp! I'm sure that it would have looked fantastic in your living room!