Monday, August 24, 2009

Yard Sale Finds

Saturday's finds were good but few. My find of the day was an adorable pair of cowboy boots for $1.50! I now have a small collection patiently waiting for my little boy's feet.
I also snagged the tin bus lunch box which Katherine has played with ever since it came into the house. And a swing for Charlie, he giggled and kicked his chunky little legs with glee.
My pumpkins were a great buy as well, both sets for $2.00! I've already asked Chuck to venture into the attic this week and get all of our Fall decor down. He's so sweet not to complain when I bring home more seasonal junk.
I brought home a few more things but nothing exciting to chat about.
The "Most Annoying Seller of the Day" was awarded to a woman who had a great GeoTrax train set in her driveway but hadn't decided on a price although it was 9:00 already. Her husband tried selling it to me but she got huffy when he lowered the price and had to throw in how much they paid for it originally. We walked off, without the train.

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