Monday, August 31, 2009

Katherine's New Chandelier

I'm so excited to share this one with you because it actually turned out! I purchased this brass fixture from a thrift store last month for $19.99. It's larger than I really needed but they're hard to come by.
This time I used a primer in gray before I started with my color. In the past I have not had a lot of success with spray paint because I'm exceedingly impatient. I get carried away and over spray or don't prime and the project doesn't work out. But this time I'm pleased that I took a little bit more time and did it right. It actually didn't look that bad with just the primer!

Katherine and I both love the color blue and this one turned out so cheerful! It came from Wal-mart called Blue Ocean Breeze in gloss by Krylon.

I purchased these beads from Hobby Lobby and Michael's on sale. They were still a bit expensive but aren't they beautiful?! I spent a good amount of time trying to attach these with clear line and it just looked amateurish. The loops although they had the same amount of beads would not be made even. I must find another way. Got any ideas?


  1. That chandelier turned out adorable. Amazing what a can of spray paint and taking the time to do the project right can produce!!! Love the beads as well - would wire work? You may be able to adjust it a bit more than clear line - and if it is that hight up, can anyone really tell is the beads are equal on each lenght of wire/line...seems like you could fudge a bit. Great little girls room!

  2. Wow!! Your new chandelier is so sweet!! I like to decorate my home with beautiful stuff!!