Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Problems with Costumes

You might remember that I had carefully planned my children's costumes, a gnome, and Medusa.  Well the Medusa head piece was sold out, so we found another.  And that one was only available in November which might as well be NEVER.
I had been testing Charlie for the gnome costume by putting hats on him hoping he'll leave them alone.  No luck.  He would have looked like a Scandinavian child with an odd choice of belt without the gnome hat and beard.
Moving forward with 2nd choices.  Luckily my mother gave Katherine a dragon costume for her birthday.  This is because Katherine spends most of her time in "character".  She was completely happy spending Halloween as a dragon instead of Medusa.  She didn't care for the headpiece so much and refused to wear it Halloween night.  Here she is at school getting ready for the costume parade.

Charlie spent his Halloween as Dracula.  I bought his costume from Wal-mart but just used the cape.  I thought his church suit looked better than the cheap elastic bottomed pants.  Chuck found the perfect pacifier on-line.  I love it!

I'm so disappointed in my photo taking this time.  I really didn't have a good photo of either kid in costume.  Pathetic.

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