Saturday, November 20, 2010

Getting Ready for Christmas!

I started my decorating last week.  My kids both have Christmas trees in their rooms.  Katherine is now on her 2nd tree.  The first I bought when she was born and we were living in an apartment so it was a small table top tree.  Now they both have 4 ft trees that I bought for less then $5 at Wal-mart on clearance along with all the trimmings.  They each have their own labeled box with a star and ornaments.  This has worked well with Katherine's handmade ornaments she comes home with each year.
I saw an idea somewhere about how to organize your ornaments using plastic cups.  Simply hot glue rows of cups onto a piece of cardboard that fit into your box.  You might wrap your glass ornaments in tissue then place them in the cup.  This has worked so great!

Katherine's tree...

Charlie's tree is kept on top of his dresser.  He's 2 and can't be trusted.

Onto some more decorating....

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