Friday, November 12, 2010

My Kids Hate My Cooking

Lately dinner at our house is stressful but I keep trying.  I don't make my kids eat everything on their plate but they do have to try it.  Since I've been shopping Publix and buying a lot of their fabulous buy one get one deals my family is exposed to more of a variety of things.  One of those was Hamburger Helper.  When I placed "stroganoff" in front of Charlie, he screamed in fear and tried to get away from it.  Katherine's reaction wasn't as strong but she made it clear she wasn't going to eat it.
Every Fall I'm inspired to eat squash but I have yet to convince myself or my family that we like it.  Many recipes I have made I couldn't eat because it was just so orange.  This year I made spaghetti squash which tasted very mild and is good with cheese and a tomato sauce, a lot like lasagna.
Tonight I made a Martha Stewart recipe that my family hated.  I think I'm done with her recipes.  They are just too fussy and too refined for our taste.  It was a butternut squash and chicken soup.  Charlie at least picked out the chicken and ate it then splashed the rest out of the bowl.  My husband ate his and tried to convince Katherine at the same time how great a skill it is to be able to eat food you don't like.  I really do try to prevent him having to use that skill.  Poor Katherine, she's so like me in many ways.  I don't see her or me developing that skill anytime soon.

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  1. Isn't it great, when you begin to become a cafateria? I hate cooking now, because I cannot please five people. So when I cook, if they don't like it, they can make whatever else THEY want to. I gave up trying to get people to try new things. I kinda dread Thanksgiving, because I am going to do two kinds of green beans. One is PLAIN, and the other a cassarol, which I prefer. (My spelling is not good). Ramona