Monday, November 22, 2010

One of My Favorite Movies

I watch this movie every Christmas season, "One Magic Christmas".  My husband usually finds me sniffling even when I try to hide.  Normally I do not recommend emotional movies as they leave me drained but this one is special. 
I like it because I can relate to the main character, a flustered mom.  I too feel at times that I'm the only one in the house with any sense of reality and responsibility.  I know this is not the case but being rational is not one of my strengths.  For example, I can be a real penny pincher. Recently, I threw a fit when my husband threw a $10 bottle of honey into the shopping cart without me knowing until I reviewed the receipt.  He was thinking that he got the most for the money and I'm thinking that $10 is just outrageous for honey!  It totally ruined my "savings in coupons" and "total money spent" ratio on the receipt.  I returned it and bought the cheap honey bear.
Back to the movie, this mom is struggling with having a Christmas spirit in the midst of her husband being laid off, working for a jerk of a boss, and just being "Mom".  She learns the hard way what life would be without her children and her husband.  It's a great story with a good ending. Love it!

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