Friday, November 19, 2010

Pillow Pets, All the Rage

A year ago my daughter saw a commercial for pillow pets.  She spent her birthday money on the horse since the unicorn wasn't available.  I wasn't willing to spend $19.99 on the toy then an additional $9 for shipping but she was.  She has LOVED it intensely and so has Charlie.  He is known for sneaking into her room and stealing it.  His Marmie bought him the dog soon after the horse was such a hit.  This year she bought them both another one for their birthday.  We now own the horse, the unicorn, the dog, and the bee.  They are all very much loved.  Today they were all under the living room in a fort made with my robe.
Now that pillow pets are in stores everywhere, I would suggest these as a gift for any child.  I'm thinking about getting one for myself.  They're the perfect size for your lap on a long car trip.  Maybe I'll get the ladybug.

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