Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Attitudes of Thanksgiving and Annoyance

We had an adventure over the Thanksgiving holiday. My mother in-law rented a beautiful row house in Savannah, GA for all of her children to meet there and stay for a few days. This was Charlie's first long car trip. He didn't enjoy it.

Thanksgiving day had some ups and downs. Our meal was very good but it was my bright idea to try and get a family photo. It was a disaster. We walked to a small park to take advantage of the natural light but the kids went nuts. We had four kids age 2 and under. It was difficult trying to keep them together while we set up the tripod with the perfect background. We managed to get one shot with everyone happy.

My sister in-law ended up walking off in a huff at me because she was caught at the end of the group shot. Remember my rule about the outside person looking heavier?! I'm sorry Samantha. I think you're beautiful even when you're ticked off.

I've never been to Savannah and had big plans to shop and eat at The Lady and Sons, and the Casbah. The shopping was fun but my favorite part of the town was the Casbah, a Moroccan restaurant with performing belly dancers. I thought the food was awesome. I think I'll try cooking some Moroccan recipes myself. Paula Dean's restaurant was good but it took a lot of waiting and fuss to get in.

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  1. Does anyone see in that second family picture that Katherine and Jack look alike?