Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Wish List

I'm a big believer in giving your husband a detailed list of what you would like to receive for birthdays and Christmas. My handsome guy always gifts a mix of the things I ask for and some of his own gift ideas. His ideas almost always work because they follow my number rule:

If it doesn't make me feel glamorous or beautiful don't.

Don'ts include: anything to do with cooking, cleaning, parenting, aging, hair removal, or exercise.

Here are few items on this year's list!

1. Amazing Grace roll on perfume by Philosophy, $25. This perfume has such a light, clean and fresh scent. I'm usually overwhelmed and headachy when I wear perfume but not with this! The price seems a little pricey but my last bottle lasted a year, well worth it.

2. So Sexy volumizing shampoo and conditioner by Victoria's Secret, $20. I was once swamped by men and women sniffing my hair in Sunday school. Yes, it does smell that wonderful! I'm just too cheap to buy it on a regular basis.

3. Umbrella by Totes sold in Target. Our last surviving umbrella is a huge blue and white contraption with Budweiser scrawled all over it. I think my husband got it free from Alltel. It just isn't me. But this one is! I need it in red please.

4. Bellydance with Jillina Choreography, Vol 1-3 DVD's from Amazon, $45. In my opinion, Jillina is the best at teaching and dancing belly dance. I love you Jillina! You might consider this one breaking my rule of no exercise but since it's my idea it is good. Chuck's gift box of Tae-Bo was not good. Billy Blanks does not wear any sequins, beads, big hair, or dance.

5. The One Hundred: A Guide to the Pieces Every Stylish Woman Must Own by Nina Garcia from Amazon, $15. I borrowed this book from the library this summer and devoured it in one night. The illustrations and writing were whimsical and funny. I just loved it.

I hope you will consider your own list and hand it over with confidence. Every woman deserves a wonderful morning surrounded by gifts that make her feel gorgeous!

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