Sunday, November 15, 2009

Ninja Master Prep Blender

I am not a fan of having a lot of kitchen appliances using up precious space on the counter or in the cabinets. Two weeks ago I pulled out my old blender to mix up a lovely strawberry smoothie (allowed on my diet). I put in a couple of berries, a few pieces of ice and some liquid. After using every button and every speed my "smoothie" was more like "chunky" with some watery liquid at the bottom. I was resigned with the lousy results until I saw my friend's obviously chunk free smoothie which looked and tasted fabulous. Mine looked and tasted like ice splashed with strawberry seeds.
My husband has been inspired by this smoothie making business and has been blending his own concoctions with the same lousy results. It just so happened that he discovered "The Ninja Master Prep Blender" while browsing in Sam's this week. The packaging claimed to "blast ice into fluffy snow"and can also be used as a food processor. We were skeptical but bought it anyway, $45.00. We have been using this appliance every day now. It comes with several containers and two sets of blades. Allowing you to blend several things right after each other without having to rinse or wash. I tried it with onions today then cabbage. The onions were finely and evenly diced. The cabbage was trickier. I probably loaded it too full so the leaves were pushed to the outside of the container and had to be repeatedly pushed down. Next time I'll slowly add and will get better results.

I now can sip my smoothie instead of spooning then spitting out large chunks of ice. Nice. I give this product an A+!

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  1. Got it for Christmas and IT. IS. AWESOME!