Sunday, November 1, 2009

Quite a Setup!

We had great Halloween weekend. We began our celebrating with carving the pumpkins. Chuck purchased a "Pumpkin Gutter" on line this year. It's a tool that is inserted into an electric drill that allows you to speedily clean out the inside of a pumpkin. It worked really well but did throw out pieces and seeds. I would have preferred to do this task outside but in the end it wasn't too messy.

We rate this tool an A-, points subtracted for the price ($15 with shipping and handling).

Last year, we lucked up and bought a Bubble Fogger on clearance. This contraption blows fog into bubbles. It worked really well and was a big hit with adults and kids. Chuck had this set up outside along with the fire pit and black lighting. Every man who came by said, "This is quite a set up you have here". If you come by a Bubble Fogger on clearance grab it!

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