Saturday, December 5, 2009

Expensive White Lights or Cheap Colored Lights

I came across a Pottery Barn ad to use as the perfect inspiration for outdoor decorations. Isn't this beautiful! I've been collecting the plastic balls and garlands for the past few weeks, all bought at bargain prices. But my stash of white Christmas lights is down to 2 strands. Last year we bought 11 boxes of LED colored lights on clearance. Colored lights do not go along with my theme. I tried swapping them out for the white at Target, no good. I may be forced into buying more white lights. The white lights I want are $12 a box. Rats.

Our neighborhood's annual Luminary night is on the 12th. The HOA has a giant pile of sand delivered to the park where we pick up our white bags and fill the bottoms and top with a candle. All the streets are lined with luminaries for one evening. We've been asked to have our homes decorated for that night. It sounds awesome. You can see I'm under pressure here. I must have the white lights!

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