Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Two weeks ago we got a head start on our Christmas decorations. Chuck handed me down all of the boxes from the attic. I'm ashamed at my gluttony for Christmas decor. This photo is deceiving, the boxes are three deep. I did get rid of two boxes worth since then. It's a start.

What on earth could be in there you ask? Well, my 2 children have there own Christmas trees. Things are so cheap after season that I just can't resist. Katherine's already acquired two boxes of her own. Our family tree has four boxes worth of ornaments and the outside garland takes a lot of space too. I can't even remember what's in the rest.

And I bought more.

I heard about this great 90% off sale for a charity and went. It was fantastic! I bought all of these shatter-proof ornaments for $1 a box. Unfortunately, they didn't have any red so I had to buy a few more boxes at regular price. However, the outside of our house is going to be awesome!

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