Thursday, October 1, 2009


It is done. My granite counter tops are complete and beautiful. Now it is time to paint everything else. You know how it is, update one thing and everything else looks shabby. I've been putting off painting for months and needed my mother to push me into action. We've become accustomed to the ugliness. I've included just the "before" pictures because I haven't reached the "after" yet. They are a reminder of the original green laminate that Chuck enjoyed burning. I live in Alabama, our men gleefully burn everything that won't fit into the trash can.

I've been painting for a week now and neglecting my precious blog. It began with a small manageable project of painting just the bottom cabinets in the kitchen. I was very strict following the directions. This involved TSP, sanding, priming, painting, then painting again. They worked! The results are pretty amazing.

Then I was talked into painting the bathroom cabinets "while I was at it". This involved all of the above steps and they could still use yet another coat of paint. Will it ever stop? Yo, I don't know.
I also repainted my front door that dried matte, cloudy, and bug encrusted this summer. It looks much better now. Today I've been painting the kitchen walls. I just put another coat onto the primed wall and it's looking like a kid's room, not the refreshing light blue I was envisioning. I'm really bummed. Perhaps I can tint this can of paint into an agreeable gray but I am not hopeful. I have not received a whole lot of reliable help at the home improvement stores. My last trip I was caught off guard by Mr. Sneaky. An employee who slid silently to my side. His conversation skills were just as creepy as his sudden appearance. Wish me luck.

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