Wednesday, October 28, 2009

How To Take A Great Photo Part 2

Flipping through past photos I have run across a few that I liked. Usually these are ones that I have taken of myself with the assistance of flipping the screen of the camera so I can see myself. The problem with this is my eyes are always looking off to the left. I've got to learn how to make a good photo with other photographers. So let's study the good and the bad and see what we find.

1. Be choosy when picking backgrounds and lighting. Why would I pose with a walrus and in bad lighting? Very few people can look good when a flash is used. And only very slim people should pose with a walrus. Natural light is best or use a tripod with the flash turned off.

This one of me turned out well. The background is pretty and no flash.

2. Never pose with your body facing the camera straight on. I'm in the middle of this shot with my body turned to the side, pretty good!
3. When posing in a group shot, never be on the outside as this poor soul always looks heavier. Keep this nugget of wisdom to yourself and make your husband and kids be on the outside.

4. Stick out your neck. In the shot below I am not sticking out my neck but in the next photo had I been looking at the camera it would have made a better shot.

5. Don't forget to be looking up into the camera never down. I never allow my photo to be taken after I've had a baby until the color has returned to my face and I have on lipstick and earrings. Even with these few simple requests an ugly shot was taken because the angle was bad. Not to mention that chunky knee peeking out from the blankets. The shot below was taken the next day and what a difference!

I'm sure there are lots more tips but trying to keep just these simple few is enough to keep in mind. Good luck to me and to you in your next shot!


  1. that's a seal not a walrus.

  2. You're right, completely different! What was I thinking.