Tuesday, October 20, 2009

How to Take A Great Photo Part 1

The holidays are coming fast! That means posing for photographs. I've been researching how to take a great photo so I can stop hiding behind the camera or erasing hideous shots. Below is a list of WHAT NOT TO DO. After seeing some of my bad shots you will probably be thinking, "surely she was pregnant in this one." That is very kind of you but I'm not.

1. If you have large legs (like myself) refuse to have your photo taken whilst sitting. I have selflessly added some past photos to prove this point.

My thighs look as big as Katherine perhaps even bigger.

My feet look inadequate in size to keep me upright in this one.

Below is the same shot excluding my thighs, much better!

2. Be aware of your arm placement and body position. Don't press your arms close to your body and certainly don't bend over.

There are SO many things going wrong in this shot. The bending over, the pressing of the arm and that unflattering top! The hat was not working either.
Below I'm sitting slumped over, and pressing the arms, terrible.

3. When you know your photo will be taken, wear a tested outfit. It's worth your trouble to take a few shots with a digital camera to see if the clothes are working.

Below I have on a huge shapeless shirt that did me no favors. It joined the blue top from above in a donate bag.

4. Some moments should not be documented.

5. No one looks good when photographed from an upward angle.

When having your picture taken, don't sit,press your arms against your sides, wear an unflattering outfit, or let the photographer shoot looking up at you. Now I'm off to investigate what TO do to achieve a lovely picture.


  1. You are cracking me up! I love the tips and seriously you are gorgeous. My fave is the pic of the eggs (weren't those eggs) in your eyes. Love this blog!

  2. I agree with Amber! This post was a hoot. I am NOT photogenic at all! You, however, are gorgeous!

  3. You're cracking me up! Love the one where your feet look too little.---Frances