Saturday, October 17, 2009

Past Halloweens

I am feeling reminiscent tonight and thought I would post my daughter's past costumes. It was fun going back and remembering each year. Her first Halloween she was only 2 weeks old. We didn't dress up that year and we lived to far away for my mother to put her into costume. So Katherine was 1 in the pumpkin costume. She refused to wear the head piece that came with it. The 2nd year she refused to wear the adorable witch hat.
By her 3rd year she had caught on to "being in character" and wore the pirate hat and boots.

The 4th year she wanted to be scary and she was! She loved the ghost costume made out of yards of tulle. It was a Martha Stewart idea for an adult costume that I was able to make her size.
The next year was also a Martha Stewart idea of using an umbrella for bat wings. This one was tricky and Chuck had to tweak this idea for me.

This year's peacock costume turned out wonderful. She wore it last night for her birthday party but I failed to get a full length photo.

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  1. Oh I love it! She has had some really cute costumes through the years.