Tuesday, October 27, 2009

.....because of my leg.

This past Sunday we had our first visit to the ER after Katherine had a terrible bike accident with Granddad. Her foot got caught in the spokes of the wheel and tore off quite a bit of skin and sprained her ankle.
Our ride to the hospital was full of "what if" talking mainly by me. Such as "what if she has to use a wheel chair at school?" or "what if she's broken something and needs a cast?". Overhearing this Katherine calmed a bit and added her own "what if's" that all ended pitifully with "....because of my leeeeg".
Four hours later we left the ER. Katherine was medicated with what the nurse said would make her loopy and on the tiniest pair of crutches. She was delighted with the thought of going to school on crutches "because of her leeeeg".
The talk on the way home was Chuck itemizing everything that we would be charged and Katherine shouting and laughing at intervals from the back seat, "Am I still loopy? because of my leeeeg, am I looopy?!". I too was laughing and feeling loopy from exhaustion, lack of food, and relief that nothing was broken.

If you have a tender stomach, no need to scroll down further. Katherine wanted to add a photo of the wound to my blog. It made her happy so why not.


  1. Poor Katherine! That looks quite painful. Her poor LEEEGGGG!

  2. OUCH! (Because of her leeeeeg)