Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Big Girl Legs

There is nothing "delicate" about my legs. It's a blessing and a curse. They're quite sturdy and they look it. Every time Fall comes around I'm on the hunt for a pair of knee length boots that will encompass my generous calves and ankles. I prefer knee length so I can wear them with skirts and dresses. I tried on some ankle boots but they're just not my style. They look incomplete.
Boots that zip up are out of the question so I must have a boot made from a material that pulls up and stretches. Last year's pair were made out of a stretchy material from the ankle up but they look quite shabby now and have to be replaced. I tried coloring in the scuff marks with a Sharpie, no good.
Just a few days ago Mom and I went into the new Shoe Station and found a beautiful pair! They're made of a flexible suede material with a pointed toe. They're very flattering and were on sale. In fact the price of $25 (with a 20% off total coupon) was so good I bought a black pair and a brown pair. I'm considering going back for the gray and red ones. They're called TEENA by Rampage if you'd like to try them.

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