Monday, September 21, 2009

Grand Garden Gnome Costume

This is the most adorable costume I've seen in quite a while. I found it on Martha Stewart's site. Yes, I've gone back to Martha but only for the next 3 months. No one else does Halloween or Christmas like her team. Anyway, a genius mom posted her little cutie onto the site.
I was really tempted to make this costume for Charlie but I think we'll save it for next year when he'll be walking. I'm going to make this year's costume, a mummy. I have some directions that I found online but really every time I've pulled out my sewing machine lately it's not worked out. I should plan a back up.
My master plan involved my daughter being a mummy as well but she could not be talked out of the peacock idea. A mummified peacock or cat was as close as she would go. I really regretted showing her that absurdly priced costume in a catalog. However, luck was with me at TJ Maxx where I found a beautiful peacock costume this week for $19.99. It needs some cute tights and maybe a mask for a finishing touch.

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