Sunday, September 13, 2009

Granite Debacle Continues.......

In an earlier post I shared our misfortune about a miscalculated piece of granite counter top. At that time we were waiting on the company to find another slab to match the other side of the kitchen. When it was delivered it was a completely different color. I was told that the piece was just really wet and would dry lighter. "You lie!" I wish I could shout like some people. We are now on our 3rd piece.
The third piece we received matched close enough but has now developed a greenish stain in two different areas that the installer has "never seen before". He tried using a blow torch to get rid of it but to no avail. They think the piece is full of copper that has oxidized.
It has been 3 months now and we're still waiting for this project to be finished. Sadness.
Above are my new salt and pepper pots that I leave on the counter to cook with. I was always fetching the salt and pepper shakers to and from the table and the stove but now I feel so Food Network Star with these new pots. They came from Wal-mart for about $3 each.


  1. You have got to be kidding!!!!! Rhonda

  2. I cannot believe that you are still having issues with your countertop! By the way, I LOVE your new salt and pepper bowls!

  3. I still think they should be giving you a nice counter and a HUGE refund!> Give me their number and I'll fix this for you! :)