Friday, September 18, 2009

A Charming Accessory

I ran across a cute blog, Whimsy Love, and had to try one of her projects called the "Bug Catcher Necklace". Nikki has lots of ideas! Some are quirky like "Tiny Tushie Art" where you slather your baby's bottom instead of their hand in paint and make a print. I'm of two minds on that one. Her photos are quite beautiful as well.
Back to the necklace craft, her idea was to use the plastic bubble from vending machines and make a charming necklace that can hold small bugs or treasures. My daughter is quite fond of bugs and tiny treasures so it's a perfect craft for our house!

Katherine and her friend Eleanor spent 30 minutes threading beads and ending with a cool necklace. They wore them all day. A craft that cost me .50, thanks Nikki!

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