Monday, September 14, 2009

My What Sparkling Toilets You Have!

Why thank you Edward! I have been battling inherited hard water stains. Clearly the previous owners never found the answer or just gave up to this unsightly problem. I've read all kinds of hints and products about getting rid of the ring left by the water in the toilet.

Here's what I learned:
1. The best way to empty the bowl for cleaning is to pour a bucket of water into it. Somehow the toilet flushes itself and does not refill. It was quite magical! Beware of squatting in front of the toilet after you've cleaned and then flush. I was splashed several times when the water gurgled up. Sometimes I can be a slow learner.
2. My 1st try to get rid of the hard water stain was with a product called "The Works" which claims to get rid of lime, rust, and hard water stains, not so. The Works bottle is now in a bag destined to be returned to Target.
3. Second try was pouring a 2 liter of cola into the drained toilet bowl and waiting for a couple of hours then scrubbing. This did lighten the ring but it's still very much there. Lucky for me the 2 liter was a free Pepsi from Domino's Pizza. We're Coke fans around here.
4. Third try involved pouring Borax onto the ring and letting it sit for 30 minutes then scrubbing. Again the ring is getting slightly lighter in color but it's still there mocking my efforts.
5. Fourth try was spraying "Oven Off" on the ring and letting it sit for 30 minutes. I actually let it sit for 45 because I forgot about it. Nothing happened. Nothing.
6. Fifth try was using a product called "Bar Keeper's Friend" that is in a Comet like can. Again I drained the toilet but had to scrub right away as per the directions. It came off! I couldn't believe it. The thickest part of the ring took quite a bit of elbow grease but it did come off.

What's up with the pictures you ask? I thought it in good taste not to share photos of my ring around the collar toilets or now sparkling toilets. And can you believe your eyes? Yes, this is Bella not looking whiny or bored.

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