Sunday, September 26, 2010

Inspirational Closets

I would really love to have a beautiful closet.  My current one is not the worst closet I've ever had but it is not beautiful or inspirational.  But the lighting is definitely the worst, a persnickety fluorescent ceiling fixture.  Sometime it comes on when the switch is flipped but most times not.
As a teenager I loved getting dressed for the day and would obsess about never wearing the same thing twice in a month (I kept a calendar to keep track).  Yes, a bit dramatic and incredibly self absorbed, but fun!  These days I find myself throwing on whatever is clean and not terribly in need of an iron.  But lucky me!  My mom was cleaning out her closet and gifted me some fabulous clothing and shoes. Sadly, there is no room for them until I start throwing stuff out.

So, I've been looking for some inspiration on line to get me started and found some! 

ERINN VALENCICH'S Closet as seen on House

Clutter Control Freak blog

Real Simple magazine

I saw a lot of "celebrity" closets which were interesting but not really inspirational for a normal size wardrobe and closet.  I just stuck to the smaller versions of rooms I liked.  It appears that I really like chandeliers and wallpaper in a closet.  Fun!

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  1. Love this! Wish i could spruce up my closet. I have a feeling Ty wouldn't be too fond of it. but maybe one day...:)