Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Costume Ideas

I've already been hunting for Halloween costumes.  I prefer homemade costumes or something unusual.  Which is why I like to start fairly early so I have plenty of time to search for stuff and to create. Martha Stewart is always a good source for something good.  I've really enjoyed her last two Halloween magazines.  Here are a couple of good ones:
Owls are super hot this year, I was tempted by these two costumes:

And you might remember last year's peacock costume was inspired by the children's catalog, Chasing Fireflies.  This year I really liked the "Medusa".  We're going to purchase the headpiece but come up with the rest on our own. 

As for Charlie, I'm thinking just the classic Dracula would be good.  But I really want this adorable gnome costume (I LOVE HIM) I found last year but I know that the beard would never make it.  Maybe I should go for it anyway.

A gnome and Medusa, I guess we're really not going for a cohesive family look.

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