Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Answer to a Serious Question

Okay I went back to Sonic and had a small talk with an assistant manager.  She verified that tips are welcome as a nice gesture but employees are certainly not to ask for them.  Tips are also given at the drive-thru as well.  As for the refills?  Yes, Sonic does give free refills.
My thoughts on Sonic after all this drama:
I'd rather eat better food for the same price at our local Mexican restaurants who also have free refills and work just as hard or harder for their tips.  No time to sit?  I'll go to any other drive-thru.

1 comment:

  1. Interesting. Drive thru tips is a new one to me? What exactly are they doing to earn a tip? Certainly nothing more than the drive thru at McDonalds or anywhere else. We have given up eating Sonic. Their food is nasty and they never get the order right. Their drinks/shakes are their only redeeming quality. Since I gave up sugar I dont think we ahve been to Sonic once..