Sunday, January 3, 2010

Christmas is Over, Sigh

We had a wonderful few weeks with just a small number of meltdowns, and a bout of the flu. I thought I'd share how the Dirty Santa "Made for T.V." game went. The Smart Mop and Slap Chop were the most popular gifts. I don't think we will do it again but it was fun once. We took home the hand steamer, it doesn't work well. It is now in a stack of "to be returned". I'd love to hear from everyone else how well their product works.

Santa and the Tooth Fairy came to our house Christmas Eve. Katherine managed to pull out her first loose tooth minutes before bedtime. She'll go to great lengths to put off going to bed.

This was my favorite gift that I gave this year. I added the fabric dogs to a purchased canvas bag for my sister in-law who has two German Shepherds. It was a fun project but I will use fabric glue instead of Wonder Under next time. This is a project you can find on Martha Stewart's site if you're interested.

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