Saturday, January 9, 2010

Charming Jamie

One of my favorite gifts from Christmas is of all things....a cookbook, Jamie's Food Revolution by Jamie Oliver. I have seen one of Jamie's shows on BBC called "Jamie at Home" where he gathers ingredients from his own garden and cooks with pots and pans that look like he found them at a thrift store. It 's all very charming, he has a such a likable way about him. He's also been on Martha Stewart several times and managed to make her laugh and relax.

His new cook book is intended to get people who don't like cooking or don't know how, to get into the kitchen! I like his mix of recipes that include lots of fresh veggies and spices with simple cooking skills. Every recipe has pictures, I need to see the finished product to get inspired. I've cooked three recipes so far and enjoyed them all. Our favorite is the spaghetti and meatballs. Katherine helped by plucking the leaves off the stems of fresh basil and going outside to snip some sprigs from our Rosemary bush. I've never made my own spaghetti sauce before and it was good and easy to do. This recipe was a bit more intense than my usual but we had dinner guests that night so I made the effort. I also made a chocolate cake but in my haste iced it before it cooled and the top layer slowly slid off to one side. No one cared and it was delicious!

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